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The Catalan PP and C’s put a remedy of amparo to the TC by the express reform of the Parlament


Levy warns the PSC not to join this resource when it has committed a “violation of democracy”

The Catalan PP and C's put a remedy of amparo to the TC by the express reform of the Parlament
Andrea Levy and Lorena Roldán after presenting the appeal to the TC (Emilia Gutierrez)

The Catalan PP and Citizens (C’s) Monday filed an amparo petition before the Constitutional Court against the reform of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Catalonia to protect citizens and prevent them from being “muzzled.” In his view, they want to “silence” and “silence” the democratic opposition and “will not get it.”

The Deputy Secretary of Studies and Programs, Andrea Levy, and the Catalan Citizens’ Deputy Lorena Roldán, have spoken on the doorstep of the Constitutional Court after registering their joint appeal against the express reform of the Parliament that would allow to approve by the urgent and without debate The laws of rupture with Spain, like the Law of the Referendum or the so-called ‘laws of disconnection’.

Levy has said that the independentistas want to “muzzle” the opposition and “they will not get it. “You can not impose the will of a few and place Catalonia in a suburban democracy in which those who are not daring to break the law are rewarded,” he emphasized.

In addition, the Catalan MP of the PP has affronted the PSOE that has not joined this resource when, as has said, is committing a “violation of democracy.” In any case, he has stressed that both his party and citizens are also defending socialist voters.

For his part, Roldán explained that they have filed this appeal because they are “infringing” the rights of Members of Parliament with this reform “gag” that “seeks to silence the opposition.” “They are cheating and changing the rules of the game,” he exclaimed.

Indeed, the Government has also resorted to this express reform of the TC (but through an appeal of unconstitutionality), once heard the Council of State that issued a unanimous opinion assuring that there are “legal grounds” to resort to breach of participation rights Equality policy recognized in Article 23.2 of the Constitution.

On Monday, the Plenary Assembly of the Constitutional Court (TC) meets to decide whether to admit to processing the appeal filed last Friday by the Executive against the reform of the regulations of the Catalan Parliament. The admission to processing of this resource would suppose the suspension of the parliamentary reform and its paralysis pending resolution.


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